The Abramson Family

Ethel and Morris Isaacson compiled a genealogy of the Abramsons, starting with Eliahu and Itta, our first known Abramson ancestors. You can read this history here: Our Mishpacha - The Children and Succeeding Generations of Eliahu and Itta Abramson.

Eliahu and Itta and their son Yitzak Zvi and five daughters Shima (my great great grandmother), Chana (Anna), Shlaveh (Sylvia), Bayla Malka (Molly) and Shayna Fruma (Fanny) lived in Kreva, a multi-cultural (Orthodox, Jewish and Christian) village in Russia. Shima married Baruch Berman who came from Voloshin, a village 20 miles away. Shima died giving birth to her fourth child in 1883; Baruch quickly remarried and had two more sons. Shima and Baruch’s eldest child Sarah (my great grandmother) left her home when she was about 17 and emigrated to New York City. All four of her aunts eventually moved to Rochester, New York while her uncle remained in Kreva.


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