I work with people and groups to organize their records and papers

I tailor a plan to fit their goals after talking with people about their needs and surveying the material. The plan can include one or more of these action steps:

  • Retrieve material from various locations so the full extent of the collection can be evaluated

  • Survey and evaluate the material

  • Process the collection (keeping whatever order exists among the documents, creating order where there is none, removing duplicate materials and things that can be found easily elsewhere)

  • Stabilize fragile items

  • Rehouse the material in acid-free folders and boxes

  • Create a storage plan either with the individual/organization or with a professional archive

  • Develop an inventory, guide or index to the collection

  • Design a plan for ongoing records or document management

Why it's important to preserve your history


  • Facilitates the assembly of anniversary and promotional brochures and videos

  • Helps tell the story of a community and its people

  • Provides material for researchers, film makers, journalists and others

  • Records institutional policies and procedures that outlives the memories of individuals


  • Provides insight into political, cultural and economic issues at the individual level

  • Enables usage by researchers, film makers, journalists and others

  • Transmits information to future generations, either within the family or outside of it

  • Promotes awareness of familial patterns

Individuals and organizations I've worked with:

Useful information